परिमितं वै भूतम्। अपरिमितं भव्यम्।। (AitareyaBrahmanam 4/6) What had happened had limits; the happenings of future are limitless.
We try our best tomaterialise this Vedic aphorism in every life that we touch, as we carry the time-tested, eternal, most scientific technique of unfolding the limitless potential present inside an individual.

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Personal Evolution to Achieve Corporate Exellence


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Who we are

PEACE: A Holistic Self-Development Program

PEACE (Personal Evolution to Achieve Corporate Excellence) is a Holistic Self-Development Program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) designed to address life-related issues for the youthful minds & working professionals in academic institutes, universities, corporate houses, government & non-government departments, and companies.

PEACE PROGRAM caters to both P * P: Personal & Professional dimensions of an individual's life by triggering in him 3S: Self-assessment, Self-awakening & Self-development!

Personal Stability Awakened Consciousness Professional Growth

Awakening of CONSCIOUSNESS leads to smart handling of PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL problems.



Our Inspiration

Divine Gurudev Ashutosh Maharaj Ji

Divine Gurudev Sh. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the Founder and Head, DJJS, is the heart and soul of PEACE PROGRAM. In Him lies the origin of PEACE PROGRAM, from Him comes the inspiration and guidance, and through Him takes place the execution.

The pioneer discovery of Brahm Gyan, the Eternal Science of Meditation by Divine Gurudev has transformed millions of lives across the world.

Furthermore, His innovative methodologies have led to the implementation of pragmatically designed PEACE Workshops, thereby mentoring the corporate minds and intelligentsia of society with incredible solutions to deal with real-life scenarios.

The revered Gurudev envisions that PEACE is the direct outcome of AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS… which in turn leads to POSITIVE THOUGHTS, POSITIVE ACTIONS and POSITIVE CHARACTER.


How to associate with PEACE?

P2C (PEACE to Company)


Corporate Companies/Organizations host the event in their premises & invite PEACE Program to facilitate a customized Workshop best suited to the interest of their employees. Workshop layout can also be picked up from the varied themes available in ‘PEACE Catalogue’.

C2P (Companies to PEACE)


PEACE Program hosts the event & multiple Companies/Organizations/ Individuals register as participants to converge to a joint venue. These are mega-scale events conducted at exquisite auditoriums/halls, details of which can be viewed in links below.


Offline & Online Workshops



The catalogue of ‘Corporate Workshops’ provides a variety of sessions addressing the personal & professional problems. Soft-skills are scientifically and experimentally presented. Layouts can be tailor-made as per the requirement of your company/organization.




Bringing the diverse shades of the cultural soul of India, these festive carnivals are insightful and joyful. They are power packed with fun-based activities, interactive games, musical concerts, and dance ballets. They can be customized for both large and small gatherings.




In the comfortable ambience of your homes & offices, catch us live for quick motivations. These shows are highly interactive, comprising insightful activities & demos. Utilizing highly advanced online tools & applications, a unique experience is extended to the participants.


Sharing Dais




The Representatives of PEACE PROGRAM (DJJS) have made remarkable contributions in the conferences held at distinguished platforms across India. They have voiced their concerns and also presented time-tested remedies for issues related to Society, Culture, Religion, Science, Technology, Yoga, Health, etc.




The representatives of PEACE PROGRAM (DJJS) have extended thought-provoking inputs on International platforms concerning issues of humanity, integrity & Global Peace. They have proved to be active agents glorifying the rich cultural heritage of India amongst foreign delegates belonging to heterogeneous cultures.


Wide Range of Visual Spectrum


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They REVEAL what They FEEL

It's a wonderful experience for me. There is so much to learn in this program. Even though I am an educated fellow, but for me I think whatever education I have, it's much more than that. I found logic in everything that they were telling. All the correlations between Vedic Science, Western things... How can we change our mind to make our life better, all were wonderful concepts.

Dr. Vikas Jain

Kidney Transplant Surgeon

Speakers were good and they were connecting with the audience very well. They were articulating in a way that goes straight to the heart.

Sudhir Narang

Managing Director, British Telecom

PEACE Program talks about experiencing the Inner Self. It is commendable…. Because with conscience awakening, we never falter!

Sudhanshu Trivedi

Member of Parliament, BJP Spokesperson

It was an extra-ordinary program. In Kumbh PEACE-otsav, I saw the youth was present in really huge numbers. From the beginning till the program concluded, every single person was thoroughly connected with the event.

Sh. Vijender Gupta

Member of Delhi Legislative Assembly

It's good because everything is being taught in a scientific way... Which we always expect... Because with logic when something is told, it goes inside... I am really liking it... We need to find for ourselves some answers and these things take us much closer to what we are looking for in life, inside us..

Dr Vikas Lal

Dental Surgeon

I would say it was a great learning experience for me and I am at lot of peace after this one hour of session, in which we did not just breathing excercises, the physical part of it... But also the session about metaphysical, where you tend to lift yourself in terms of consciousness... It was very insightful for me.
If I had to say one word that describes my feeling after attending the workshop... I would say: PEACE!

Sh. Sunil Sawhney

Principal Chief Commissioner, Central GST, Delhi Zone

The instructors we had today were outstanding. The way they touched on all the topics: first the physical part, then the mental part and finally the spiritual part was extremely nice. The way they did it was extremely good. I feel that I should interact with them more so that I can continue doing it. One thing I found very good is that when we interact with yoga teachers normally, they teach you flexibility, they teach you how the body is important. But this particular session gave a lot of importance to the psychological part also, which is not very common. Today the exposure has been great on that side too.
I would definitely like to conduct more such programs for our officers in the EIL building...

Smt. Krishna Mishra

Commissioner, Central GST, Delhi West and Delhi South

Extremely good. Very invigorating. I hope that many more people will be joining your practical session. Those who didn't come actually missed it. You have shown us the way. Now we should walk on the path and practice it regularly. Mind, Body and Soul... This is the best part that you taught us to awaken all the three aspects. That is Yog... It is sam (balance). It's excellent!

Sh. Alok Jha

Commissioner, Central GST, Delhi North

On behalf of Commanding Battalion BSF and all the Jawans here… I thank you PEACE Program, PEACE Facilitators and Volunteers for introducing us into such a benefical knowledge.

Sh. Vivek Rawat

Additional Commandant, BSF (Chhawla Camp)

I believe that each and every person sitting in the hall was enjoying to the fullest. There were around 1200 people… I was looking behind and everyone was so happy and satisfied with the activities performed.

Dr. Praveen Vashishtha

Professor & Head, Ophthalmology Department, AIIMS

The best part is the way you connect with the audience via Hindi, English, Sanskrit, and through different art forms. This casts the best impact on any human being. Encapsulated in these expressions, a person takes with him a bagful of good moments that he has cherished here..

Sh. Pradeep Kr. Dua

Scientist – D, Joint Director, Bureau of Indian Standards

When you get to talk to your own soul, then, it really makes a difference. That is what I have learnt here at PEACE Workshop. I will keep up the spirit and definitely join wherever you will go. I will follow DJJS!

Isha Wadhwa

Marketing & Business Promotion Director, Model Architect

In the morning, I kept my phone on silent mode. But I was so mesmerized by the Workshop that post lunch I switched it off.... Though there were 75 missed calls on my phone.... But absolutely no regrets for not attending them!

Sh. Umesh Gautam

Chancellor (Invertis University)

Multiple personalities & multiple mindsets- this leads to multiple clashes in today's work environment. PEACE program of DJJS has offered me an art to deal & resolve these inter- personal conflicts.

Neeraj Sharma

Territory Manager, Oracle, U.S.

The scientific analysis of the holy dip in Kumbh and its relevance in our personal and professional lives that PEACE has unfolded, it is extremely wonderful and great!

Dr. Krishna Mukherji

Senior Doctor, Medical Superintendent, Kamla Nehru Hospital

Each activity, each session gave a very crisp and concrete message. And they did it so beautifully and wonderfully, and in a very very interesting way. That was the uniqueness of this Workshop.

Archana Chandra

HOD, Department of Commerce, SHUATS

It was full of skills, full of talents, and full of self-realisation.

Dr. Divya Bartarya

Head of Corporate Relation United Group of Institutions, Prayagraj

It is an eye-opener for everyone whosoever is participating in such kind of an event… to think about spirituality also and humankind. That is the experience we have received. It has motivated all our faculty members as well as students.

Prof. D K Diwedi, Director

Shambhunath University

It was my first life experience … full of energy… full of devotion. I was mesmerized to see youthful energy volunteering so passionately, managing the event at grass root level.

Prof. Ajay Sharma

Cultural Head, UGI

Whatever I have heard and learnt today, it’s really great… Nothing is in the outer world. Everything, if you can find, is inside us…

Prof. C P Singh, Director

BBS College of Engineering & Technology

I must tell you, the style of demonstrations used by these learned Sadhvis is truly an expressive way of connecting yourself with the Almighty.

Dr. Shubha Pandey

Sr. Consultant & Gynaecologist

Really too good... I have attended so many other corporate training programs and motivational programs. But PEACE Program is very different. Specially for the people who are running day in and day out, it's very refreshing. The best thing is that it’s touching. I was able to feel it. I was telling myself why I didn't attend this kind of program ten years before... My life, my destiny would have been different.

Ramesh Singh Rawat



A sneak-peak into PEACE Chronicles

Here is a complete archive of all past PEACE events conducted at various platforms with detailed report and set of pictures to give you the real feel.

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