परिमितं वै भूतम्। अपरिमितं भव्यम्।। (AitareyaBrahmanam 4/6) What had happened had limits; the happenings of future are limitless.
We try our best tomaterialise this Vedic aphorism in every life that we touch, as we carry the time-tested, eternal, most scientific technique of unfolding the limitless potential present inside an individual.

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Relation-Ship vs Rational-Ship


Session Details
  • 01

    Black and White Experiment

    • Positive Perception

    • Forgive & Forget

  • 02
    Be Soft as Teddy:

    Soft Toy vs Stoney Image Experiment

    • Soft Body Language

    • Polite Verbal Messaging

  • 03
    Follow the Middle Path:

    Conservative vs Progressive Experiment

    • Balancing Emotions

    • Avoid ‘Too Much’

  • 04
    Maintain Trust & Clarity:

    Landing in Tomato Soup Experiment

    • Mutual Understanding

    • Hand in Hand

  • 05
    Divine Romance with Self:

    Newtonian Experiment

    • De-conditioning Mind

    • Awakening Consciousness

* All talks, modalities & demonstrations are scientific along with practical and result-oriented applications, with no inclusion of dogmas or personal beliefs.

* All sessions will be facilitated by highly qualified in-house experts of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS). They are doctors, engineers, environmentalists and ex-corporate professionals, who have expertise in their respective subjects.

Tool Kit
Activities, Experiments, Power Point Slides, Self-Assessment, Ice-Breakers, Human Models, Audio- Visual Demos, Puzzles, Prop Kit, Comedy Bytes, Dance Ballets and Musical Concerts
  •    Get Stress-Free Life
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Right Decision-Making
  • Relationship Management
  • Time Management
  • Personality Development
  • Emotional Stability
  • Conscious Awakened
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity
  • 3-D (Body, Mind and Soul) Fitness
  • Composed Behaviour
  • Focused Concentration
  • Problem-Solving Approach
  • Positive Approach towards Life
  • Increased Creative Productivity