परिमितं वै भूतम्। अपरिमितं भव्यम्।। (AitareyaBrahmanam 4/6) What had happened had limits; the happenings of future are limitless.
We try our best tomaterialise this Vedic aphorism in every life that we touch, as we carry the time-tested, eternal, most scientific technique of unfolding the limitless potential present inside an individual.

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Modules @ Soul Awakening

To awaken the Inner Consciousness and unleash the secret code for ethical performance, PEACE brings insightful sessions like:

The Eternal Science of Meditation has a reforming effect on our thoughts, attitude, and outlook towards work and life as a whole. The session is often an eye-opener to many, is powerfully absorbed by most for the unmatched benefits it potentially offers, and is effectively put across/channelized through revealing videos and demonstrations supported by research evidences and scientific derivations.

  • Introspection
  • Inner Peace
  • Conscience Awakening

This session caters to the science of intuitive dreams. Besides this, it unveils the microcosm that remains encoded in this human frame, through the activation of Third Eye, or the Eye of Consciousness. On the whole, the participants are introduced to the core dimension of their persona.

  • Exploring Inner Cosmos
  • Decoding Meditative Eye
  • Yogic Sleep of Intuitive Dreams

A session, which makes the concept of Dhyaan crystal clear, nullifying all pseudo-techniques or exercises, proliferating in the name of meditation today! The participants gain insight into dealing with their unbridled minds, exploded with countless thoughts all the time. Lotus Yog introduces to them the ancient supra-mental science of Dhyaan – the ultimate resort to all problems and confusions!

  • Eternal Science of Dhyaan
  • Pacifying High TPS (Thoughts/sec.)
  • Google the Inner Web

This session brings to light the fantastic gems hidden in the Upanishads. It also deals with one of the intriguing subjects of the present times, i.e. the need of a Spiritual Guide or Guru. The participants gain a thorough understanding in this parlance, thereby securing themselves from all sorts of ambiguities and self-concocted notions.

  • Upanishadic Models Delight
  • Brahm Gyan Ecstatic Flight
  • Guru Needed– Wrong or Right

A complete module on the subject of meditation, seen from the lens of science and spirituality! Exclusive theorems and models make the session exceptionally comprehensible. How this metaphysical science of meditation relates to the life of a modern day professional, this session answers it perfectly.

  • Eternal Meditation for Modern Youth
  • Defining Divine Electro-Magnetic Field as Target
  • Focus| Excellence in Thought Process & Action

An exclusive session which brings to light the remarkable facets of India intertwined with thrilling patriotic melodies! On comprehending the same, the participants feel proud of their motherland and carry the ever-new patriotic feel in their hearts.

  • Aerobics@ Patriotic Beats
  • Live Bharat, Love Bharat
  • Electrifying Vibes with High Spirits

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Modules in this section cater to the crucial role a healthy body plays for efficient performance at workplace.


Modules in this section bring a mental renaissance and keep the scale of happiness-barometer running high.


Modules in this section refine the intellectual processing and bring better clarity on the vision.