परिमितं वै भूतम्। अपरिमितं भव्यम्।। (AitareyaBrahmanam 4/6) What had happened had limits; the happenings of future are limitless.
We try our best tomaterialise this Vedic aphorism in every life that we touch, as we carry the time-tested, eternal, most scientific technique of unfolding the limitless potential present inside an individual.

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The Living Bhagwan

On the Eve of Guru Purnima for Corporate Minds

Search ends here… for that ONE relationship…

Session Details
  • 01
    Breath of Breaths… “The Pranic Healer”

    This session gives us an understanding that the Divine Master is the very substratum of life. Although breathing is indispensable for living; however, the presence of a divine companion infuses life in those breaths as well!

  • 02
    Sings Hope in Hopeless hours… “The Divine Composer”

    The session gives us insight into the fact as to how a Divine Master re-instills in us new energy, new zeal, and new spirits to fight and win over the challenging situations. Indeed, it helps us experience a phenomenal shift from hopeless end to an endless hope!

  • 03
    Lifts our petty minds… “The Supreme Psychiatrist”

    This session draws a brilliant comparative analysis between the prevalent psychotherapies and the traditional psycho science of self-realisation in treating and curing the troubled mindsets of humanity.

  • 04
    Loves us Unconditionally… “The Eternal Lover”

    It marks the distinguishing traits of the divine companionship vis-à-vis ordinary, worldly associations, in terms of trust, selflessness, and understanding.

  • 05
    Complete us in Silence… “The Mystic MahaYogi”

    It highlights how the companionship of the Divine Master surpasses all worldly bonds. It beautifully brings to light the striking difference between having relations in life vs. having life in relations.

* All talks, modalities & demonstrations are scientific along with practical and result-oriented applications, with no inclusion of dogmas or personal beliefs.

* All sessions will be facilitated by highly qualified in-house experts of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS). They are doctors, engineers, environmentalists and ex-corporate professionals, who have expertise in their respective subjects.

Tool Kit
Activities, Experiments, Power Point Slides, Self-Assessment, Ice-Breakers, Human Models, Audio- Visual Demos, Puzzles, Prop Kit, Comedy Bytes, Dance Ballets and Musical Concerts
  •     Get Stress-Free Life
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Right Decision-Making
  • Relationship Management
  • Time Management
  • Personality Development
  • Emotional Stability
  • Conscious Awakened
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity
  • 3-D (Body, Mind and Soul) Fitness
  • Composed Behaviour
  • Focused Concentration
  • Problem-Solving Approach
  • Positive Approach towards Life
  • Increased Creative Productivity